Landmark Construction was established to create a new model for collaboratively building inspiring public facilities.

The concept for Landmark Construction came to light during a casual barbeque among neighbors. Lamenting the arguments, dissension and frustration that typically accompanied major public construction projects, Landmark founders Joe Bittaker and Paul Hanson agreed that there had to be a better way.

They resolved to establish a new way of doing business that resulted in public sector clients benefiting from methods that are often used in private projects. Joe and Paul established Landmark Construction built on the foundation of collaboration.

With proactive planning, Joe and Paul forged better ways to work with architects, owners and subcontractors. By working together early in the process, they uncovered problems and opportunities, and made changes to improve projects long before the first foundation was poured. The partners instilled a company-wide philosophy of customer service and a dedication to working in partnership to find the best solutions at every phase of planning and construction.

Through honest assessment of project goals and practical recommendations to improve constructability, Joe and Paul successfully resolved unexpected problems and met difficult budget and time constraints. Landmark’s cooperative approach delighted owners and built a reputation that attracted other clients. As a result, Landmark has completed hundreds of millions of dollars of complex projects for multiple repeat clients in Northern California. The passion for collaboration burns brightly through Landmark’s entire operation. And we still like to barbeque when celebrating the completion of a project.