You can depend on Landmark’s team and resources to be fully dedicated to proactively, cooperatively and forthrightly meeting your needs.


Philosophy: Excellent partnerships are built on trust, full forthright communication and shared goals. Landmark’s satisfied clients can attest that our employees embody these attributes. You can rely on our team to communicate effectively, solve problems creatively, incorporate budget-saving building methods, assure quality construction with lasting value, develop reliable schedules and exceed expectations.


Value Engineering: Based on conceptual plans, subcontractors that embrace the collaborative process provide rough (non-binding) budgets and value engineering suggestions. During the design process, subcontractors review preliminary plans and offer input on constructability. Participation in the design review process results in a full understanding of the project and accurate final binding subcontract bids. Clients benefit from careful review of construction plans and highly competitive pricing.


In-depth Planning: With vast experience in Lease-Leaseback delivery, Landmark has an excellent reputation for ferreting out project challenges while they still exist only on paper, and then quickly and ingeniously solving problems to keep the project on-track. This innovative approach encourages everyone to give input on cost-savings, design modification and scheduling. Projects are successful because of Landmark’s ingrained equitable and ethical project management practices.


Collaborative Project Management Systems: The flow of information is critical to the success of any project. Timely, accurate information delivery and response is required to keep schedules on time. For this reason, we found it necessary to implement a web-based project management solution provided by Oracle’s Primavera Contract Management software (AKA Expedition). This software allows the immediate transmission of project critical information such as request for information, submittal packages, drawing version control, owner and architect revised details and instruction, meeting minutes, payment applications between project team members effortlessly and paperlessly. All team members will have secure, instant access to critical project information at their fingertips at any time.


Customer Service: Expect the Landmark team to listen to your needs and goals, and then dig deeply into the project to develop a construction plan that works for your organization, budget and schedule. Each member of the Landmark team has been selected for his or her ability to work collaboratively, meet clients’ needs, manage efficiently and add value to the project.