Landmark’s Culture of Safety

Assuring the safety of clients, staff, visitors, students, the public, subcontractors and Landmark employees is our highest priority.

Safety Planning before the project starts results in sequencing construction activities that need extra precautions to avoid critical time periods such as when school is in session or major public events are scheduled.

Site Precautions are taken by fully assessing construction sites and installing the most effective temporary barriers and buffers to increase site safety.

An engrained Safety Culture involves every employee in meeting the requirements of the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (Cal/SHARP).

Independent Audits are conducted by a safety consultant, who completes impartial Job Safety Analysis as well as monthly safety audits for each site.

Safety Training is ongoing and given frequently to assure maximum safety at worksites.

Subcontractors are held to Landmark’s high standard of safety practices.