Landmark Celebrates 25 Years

How do you measure success?

The principles that have guided Landmark for 25 years came to light during a casual
barbeque among neighbors. Lamenting the arguments, dissension and frustration that
typically accompanied public construction projects, our founders agreed that there had to
be a better way.

From that moment forward, the firm has been committed to a more collaborative approach
to construction. We pride ourselves on our customer service and dedication to finding
the best solutions in every phase of planning and construction. As a result, Landmark has
built a reputation as a sophisticated and capable client-oriented company and has had the
privilege of serving multiple repeat clients in Northern California.

As we reach new milestones, and particularly as we celebrate 25 successful years in business,
we continue to define how we choose to measure our own success. For Landmark it isn’t
all about the numbers, but cultivating relationships and completing projects which are
meaningful. It is about providing a better experience for our employees, our clients, our
trade partners and our communities. And we still enjoy a casual barbeque.