Landmark Construction Employees are Tough Mudders

Team of Eleven Faced and Overcame Obstacles

Guest Blog Post by summer intern Sarah Brennan

Landmark Construction erace_1854_photo_37766569mployees tested their grit by participating in the Tough Mudder Tahoe held at Northstar California Resort in Truckee on June 11-12, 2016. The official website billed the event as 10-12 miles long with over 20 obstacles in a high altitude environment where “winding trails and steep mountain climbs collide, forcing you to dig deep and embrace the challenge.”

Sadie Burgos, Certified Payroll Compliance/Accounts Payable Specialist, Landmark Construction was up for the challenge. “This was not for the faint of heart; the course was brutal,” said Burgos. She previously participated in a mud run, enjoys outdoor activities and likes to run, wakeboard and snowboard. race_1854_photo_37807660

Burgos described a demanding course that took over five hours to complete. “Eleven Landmark Construction warriors braved 10 grueling uphill miles full of obstacles such as muddy pits, icy pools of water, steep slippery walls, and dangling, electrically charged wires,” said Burgos.

Photo Jun 13, 7 18 19 AMDespite the difficult uphill climb up the front face of Northstar at elevations ranging from 6,330 to and 8,610 feet above sea level, Burgos reported that the enthusiasm of both teammates and competitors cheering for each other was very uplifting. “At all of the obstacles, it was a team effort,” said Burgos. “Our focus was on helping each other up walls and over barriers.”

There were 11 participants from Landmark Construction, including one employee’s daughter who participated in the one-mile kid-friendly event, called the Mini Mudder Challenge. “It was great to get people out of the office and see them in a different light,” said Burgos. “I enjoyed interacting with them in an environment that was completely different from our usual business setting.” race_1854_photo_37807684

Congratulations to the following “Tough Mudders” from Landmark Construction who through teamwork conquered the challenge: Ryan Andersen, Bobby Allstead, Brian Gerbi, Sadie Burgos, Sean Kennedy, Tanner Allen, Skyer Giovannetti, Stewart Ferguson, Jorge Flores, Jaime Flynn and Maddie Kelton.

race_1854_photo_37776525Guest blogger, Sarah Brennan, is working at Landmark Construction this summer as a high school intern. She is responsible for organizing employee adventures such as the whitewater rafting trip in July. Brennan is also gaining practical business skills working in the Landmark Construction corporate office in Loomis. Currently, she plans to study geology and continue mountain bike racing after she graduates from high school.