Landmark Construction Employees Enjoy Bike Tour

Lake Natoma Bike Trip Revealed Nature, Hatchery and Crew Competition

On May 14, 20IMG_216816, a group of employees and family members enjoyed a Saturday bike ride at Lake Natoma near Sacramento, explained Paul Hanson, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Landmark Construction. “We started the tour at 8:00 AM and traveled counterclockwise around the lake at a casual pace,” said Hanson. “We stopped for sightseeing and glimpses of wildlife on the way to Nimbus Dam.”

One stop was the Nimbus Fish Hatchery. “As we rode over the Hazel Bridge, we had an excellent view from above of the hatchery’s fish ladder, screens and hoist way system,” said Hanson. “Just as we pulled into the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, we saw the current batch of salmon minnows getting loaded into a truck for distribution to a California waterway.”

Along the way, the group witnessed some of a Women’s Collegiate Crew competition event in progress. They saw teams from all around the western United States participating in the California State University Sacramento (CSUS) Aquatic Center event. “We continued our trek along the south side of the lake and back into Folsom where we enjoyed a very nice brunch at Karen’s Bakery,” said Hanson. “Everyone loaded up and we were on our way home before noon. All-in-all it was a fun, relaxing outing with a little exercise as a bonus.”IMG_2165

Paul Hanson co-founded Landmark Construction when he and Joe Bittaker, President, decided that there must be a better way to manage contracting. They founded Landmark Construction based on a culture of collaboration and earned a reputation of successfully avoiding disputes while delivering projects 100% on time.

Hanson and Bittaker also share a passion for challenging themselves through extreme sports. Hanson is an avid motorcycle racer and outdoorsman. They share their love of nature with employees with a unique benefits program that includes providing company outdoor trips, sponsoring employees participating in competitions, giving employees a chance to race the company Audi station wagon at Track Day, and offering Alpine Ski Training and stays at the company cabin. To see current career openings, go to the Landmark Construction employment page.