Landmark Construction Employees Have Fun After Work

Company sponsored trip to nearby ski resort enjoyed by allPhoto Apr 02, 3 05 14 PM (2)

On April 2, 25 Landmark Construction employees, their families, clients and subcontractors enjoyed a fabulous trip to Northstar Resort for skiing and snowboarding. According to Ellen Kelton, Bid Coordinator, Landmark Construction, the company took care of every detail to assure a wonderful day on the slopes.

Kevin Brennan, Vice President, planned the employee event. “Kevin did an amazing job organizing the entire day,” said Kelton.

Photo Apr 02, 10 00 26 AM“It was a blast,” said Kelton. “Landmark was extremely generous is hosting everything to make the day enjoyable — breakfast, transportation, lift tickets, rentals, lessons, lunch meal vouchers at the resort and après ski snacks.”

According to Kelton, everyone met at the company’s Loomis office and was greeted with donuts and coffee before embarking on a luxury bus to ride up to the resort. “There was plenty of space on the bus and we enjoyed good conversation during the ride,” said Kelton.

“We made our way through the village, picking up rentals as needed and met at the mid-mountain lodge,” said Kelton. “Those who were taking lessons headed in that direction and the rest of us set out to carve up some snow.” IMG_6440

A rotating group maintained a table as home base for the group, at the mid-mountain lodge. Kelton said, “As people finished their runs, they would stop by and perhaps pick up another partner for the next run. They could also relax, and grab a quick snack or refreshment.”

It was a perfect day for spring day to be on the mountain, explained Kelton. “The day was cool in the morning then transitioned to sunny and warm – perfect spring snow conditions,” she said.

“The group closed the lifts down and headed back to the bus around 4 PM,” said Kelton. “Food and drinks were waiting for us as we packed up and compared notes from the day.”

On the Monday following the trip, employees were enthusiastic about the day they enjoyed skiing and snowboarding at Northstar Resort. “It created a buzz of interest,” said Kelton. “They wanted to see photos and enjoyed hearing the shared experiences. Everyone who I spoke to had a great time, and asked ‘what are we doing next?’”

Photo Apr 02, 3 04 15 PMLandmark Construction employees frequently enjoy outdoor adventures together including sailing, biking and competitions. The company sponsors employees who are participating in events raising funds for good causes as well. Landmark Construction was the title sponsor of Go the Distance 5k Aqua Color Run and 24-hour relay to raise funds for the Loomis Education Foundation on May 13.

Ellen Kelton has been with Landmark Construction since 2012 and works as the company’s Bid Coordinator. She prepares proposals and facilitates subcontractor coordination during pre-construction, bidding and project start-up phases. Prior to joining Landmark Construction, she worked in the construction industry for over 15 years, working on projects such as Lincoln City Hall and Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. She is passionate about snowboarding, hiking and biking. Kelton says that she really appreciates working for a company that values a work-life balance, and enjoys co-workers who share her passion for outdoor adventures.