Landmark Supports Salute to Fatherhood

Landmark Construction sponsored The Center for Fathers and Families (CFF) 15th annual Salute to Fatherhood Banquet held on June 15, 2017 at the Sacramento Doubletree Hotel.

Joe Bittaker, President, Landmark Construction, is a long-term board member and currently serves as treasurer of CFF’s Board of Directors. “We have partnered with CFF for over 10 years,” said Bittaker. “We support CFF’s mission to offer programs and services that lead to family growth, enrichment and empowerment. This is just one of the ways Landmark Construction participates in education and the local community.”

The Salute to Fatherhood Banquet supports CFF’s vision — Fatherhood is Forever. The event recognizes fathers and is a fundraiser to support the non-profit’s programs. Throughout the year, CFF programs give fathers opportunities to participate in their children’s lives in a deeper and more meaningful way.  The Center provides co-parenting classes, after school programs, and other services to support and aid in this endeavor.

As the Center prepares for the banquet each year, the staff nominates fathers of children in their programs to win the “Father of the Year” award.  The fathers are then invited to the Banquet along with their families and recognized on stage during the program.  When accepting his award, one young man expressed appreciation of those in his life who make it possible for him to be a great father. He said, “the difference between a good man and a great man is in the details.  [My wife] is my details.”

According to Kirsten Goble, a Landmark employee in attendance, the commitment and humility expressed by these men as they were awarded spoke volumes about the success of The Center for Fathers and Families.

Rick Jennings, Sacramento’s Vice-Mayor and Executive Director of CFF for the past 20 years, was awarded “Father of the Year” at the end of the evening as a surprise nominee.  The presenter indicated that the award commemorated not only Jennings’ dedication to the vision and mission of CFF, but also his commitment to CFF for the last 20 years.  During his acceptance speech, Jennings shared some of his story, the ups and the downs, and the struggles and successes of his 20-year journey with CFF.  He indicated that he was incredibly grateful for the love and appreciation shown by his staff and made a point to bring his staff on stage, offering this advice: “When you change your perspective to see things differently,” said Jennings, “the things you see begin to change.”