Landmark Construction Builds New Lab at University of California Davis

For several years, Landmark Construction, based in Loomis, CA, has been providing construction services to modernize many different classrooms, labs and facilities at the University of California Campus in Davis.

The Earth and Physical Sciences building created some special challenges for the builder. The goal was to build an entirely new research environment and through the modernization, make the building more energy efficient. This was done while the building was in full use so the construction process had to be completed with the least amount of disruption to researchers, staff, instructors and students.

The project required four months of demolition in sections of the building. The specialized equipment in the Earth and Physical Science building can’t have vibrations nearby or the entire experiment would be ruined.

So the Landmark Construction team worked closely with the university research staff to identify times when the experiment equipment was in a certain mode that would make it unaffected by the demolition vibration. The contractor had to plan the sequence of demolition classroom by classroom to assure that the construction had the least impact on the research team and was the most efficient path to completion.

There was also a very large electromagnet used for research at the university. Landmark Construction workers had to make some changes in the electrical room located on the other side of the wall from the electromagnet. Employees and subcontractors could not wear steel toed boots and belt buckles while working in the vicinity. Plastic tools were sourced to replace traditional metal tools. The Landmark Construction team and subcontractors used plastic pliers and screw drivers to complete the work safely.

Landmark Construction employees specialize in this is the kind of collaboration and they are known for their ability to work in difficult situations to achieve clients’ goals. The company has built its reputation around being responsive and creative in solving challenges to expedite the modernization job for the college or school.