Landmark Plays to Support Education Foundation

Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange Held Charity Golf Event

Over 144 golfers participated in the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange (SRBX) Education Foundation Charity Golf Classic on Monday, August 22 at Catta Verdera Country Club in Lincoln.

The Charity Golf Classic supports workforce dflyer-captureevelopment programs that help create a future pipeline of qualified and talented workers in the construction industry.

According to Jordan Blair, Executive Director, SRBX Education Foundation, the event was sold out and grossed $65,000. “The Charity Golf Classic supports the Design Build Program, the Create Mentoring Program, the Gordon Stafford Scholarship and the Construction Management and SRBX Member Scholarships,” said Blair.

I like being involved with a company that supports others in the community.

Tyler Skaggs, Project Engineer, Intern, Landmark Construction, suggested that the company support this event. “I received a scholarship from the SRBX Education Foundation about a year ago,” said Skaggs. “I thought it would be great to get involved in the golf tournament and support the cause.”

Joe Bittaker, President, Landmark Construction, immediately agreed to support the event. “Landmark Construction believes in supporting education and funding employees’ participation in charitable events,” said Bittaker. “We have always encouraged employees who want to actively get involved in athletic events that contribute to scholarships and improving education.”

“I like being involved with a company that supports others in the community,” said Skaggs. “When employees feel good about doing something positive, it creates a really great workplace environment.”

Skaggs said that playing with a foursome from Landmark Construction was good for teambuilding. “I am fairly new at Landmark and I got to play with people I didn’t know yet,” said Skaggs. “At the mixer following the event it was fun to chat with people in the industry.”

Skaggs plans to graduate from the Construction Management Program at California State University Sacramento in May 2017. He indicated that working in the field as an intern with Landmark Construction has been a valuable experience.

“Interning opened my eyes,” said Skaggs. “I work with superintendents and project managers preparing documents, resolving issues and answering questions from subcontractors. As a result of being an intern at Landmark Construction, I have a much better understanding of the sequencing and timing of activities in the field that you just can’t learn in the classroom.  I look forward to graduating and pursuing a career in construction.”

Chris Lewis, Project Engineer, was one of four Landmark Construction team members who played in this annual fundraiser. “I love playing golf and it was great to see associates, subcontractors and colleagues who I hadn’t seen in a while,” said Lewis.

“The Golf Classic was also an opportunity to put faces with names of people I hadn’t met in person,” said Lewis.  “The very next day, I needed some help from a subcontractor, and I had just met her at the SRBX event. I also had a chance to spend time with one of our Landmark Construction interns who I hadn’t yet gotten to know.”

“I think it is really great that my employer supports the education foundation and allows their employees to participate in that contribution,” said Lewis.

The foundation was formed in 2004 to advance educational activities for construction industry and communities in the seven-county Sacramento Region. The foundation supports mentoring programs, offers scholarships and conducts training activities throughout the Sacramento region. Learn more at

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