STAR Academy Grand Opening Held September 7

img_3600New Charter school campus built in eleven months

In less than one year, Landmark Construction successfully delivered the new $21 million STAR Academy campus, a charter school in the Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) in Sacramento. The project began on September 1, 2015; teachers began moving into their classrooms in late July and school started on August 24. On September 7, 2016, the NUSD held the official ribbon cutting.

Watch the video of the opening celebration at the district website:  Natomas Charter School’s Star Academy Ribbon Cutting


During the Ribbon Cutting presentation, NUSD Superintendent Chris Evans noted that actions by trustees allowed the district to submit plans early, before the local building moratorium had been lifted. This allowed construction to move forward as soon as the moratorium was over. “Construction was completed in eleven months which was ab
solutely amazing,” said Evans. “The beautiful campus was accomplished by working together.” (Minute 2 in movie)

See how teachers are using their new classrooms at the STAR Academy twitter feed.

It was truly a herculean feat to get this school built.

Paul Anderson, Director Planning & Construction, NUSD, indicated that it was a great experience working with Landmark Construction to build the STAR Academy campus. “Landmark Construction has an excellent reputation, and they did img_3603not disappoint,” said Anderson. “The philosophy of working collaboratively to get through difficulties, established by Landmark’s owners — Joe and Paul, was frequently evident. It was truly a herculean feat to get this school built. Through Landmark Construction’s efforts, the children were able to start the school year in the STAR Academy’s new facilities.”

img_3606The successful project delivered in a short time frame was the result of collaboration, according to Joe Bittaker, President, Landmark Construction. “The new STAR Academy’s unique and advanced design exemplifies the ideal 21st century school,” said Bittaker. “The campus was built in less than one year, a very short time frame given the many technical and logistical challenges we faced. These were overcome through the intense collaboration with the Natomas Unified School District, Williams + Paddon Architects, and the entire project team. It was truly gratifying when we saw the children’s’ delight as they explored their new school on the first day.”

According to the Natomas Unified School District’s press release, the new Natomas Charter School’s Star Academy campus, serving Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade students, marks NUSD’s first construction of a new school since 2008. The new school is located at 4004 Gloster Way in Sacramento.