Benvenuti Performing Arts Center

New Construction

Landmark Construction delivered, on time and on budget, one of the region’s premier Performing Arts Facilities. Delivered into the center of a busy campus, the 367-seat Benvenuti Performing Arts Center at Natomas Charter School is an architectural marvel.

The Benvenuti Performing Arts Center is a fully-fly professional theater with all of the systems and features desired by a professional theater company or school productions, along with a dance studio, art gallery, and other features. The Sacramento Bee called it “…a stage whose facilities compare to those of UC Davis’s Mondavi Arts Center and the Wells Fargo Pavilion”, and “a pristine state-of-the-art venue… on the top rung of local arts facilities”. We at Landmark are proud to demonstrate our team’s technical expertise and professional management systems with the very successful delivery of the complex project.

Located in the center of an operating campus, with occupied classrooms and spaces on three sides of the building, the construction of this 65′ tall building presented considerable physical challenges. In addition, the structural elements were so complex that one of the architects described it as “two buildings crashing into one another.” Orchestrating the installation of full professional theatre systems, equipment, and amenities added to the challenge. Intense coordination with the campus and use of “best practices” in operations and safety were required to complete this difficultly sited project without incident. The best in professional construction planning, management and execution was required to deliver this project on-time on-budget, and with the highest degree of quality.

Client: Natomas Unified School District
Location: Sacramento, CA 95835
Delivery Method: Lease-Leaseback
Square Feet: 364 Seats
Year Completed: 2007
Value: $7,330,000
Architect: Williams + Paddon