Markham Elementary School

Phased Modernization

Markham Elementary School is a Vacaville grade TK – 6 school with Spanish immersion programming. The existing facilities have long ceased to accommodate the current student enrollment, evidenced by the 22+ portable classroom and restroom facilities that fill the site.

Landmark is partnering with VUSD and HY to transform this campus into a beautiful site with new permanent modular classroom buildings, a new multi-purpose building, and renovated administration and library facilities. Due to the lack of temporary facilities, the work must be executed in multiple overlapping increments with several phases within each increment.

During preconstruction, the team collaboratively worked to identify phasing which will provide more benefit to the students – such as delivering play areas in earlier phases. The campus will remain fully operational during the course of the project, requiring careful logistical planning of our forces, and those of the modular classroom manufacturer.

Client: Vacaville Unified School District
Location: Vacaville, CA 95688
Delivery Method: Lease-Leaseback
Square Feet: 60,312
Year Completed: 2021
Value: $22,300,000
Architect: HY Architects