Kit Carson International Academy

Kit Carson Middle School is in the midst of a transformation, from middle school to 7th – 12th grade International Baccalaureate program. To assist with the transition, Landmark partnered with Lionakis to create a revitalized campus, ready for 21st Century Learning. The project was broken into three phases, in order to capitalize on construction timing. Extensive site work and infrastructure in support of the building construction phase was completed during the summer of 2016, while the campus was unoccupied.

Scheduling work to minimize impacts to the active and occupied campus was of paramount importance while completing the work to meet the planned programmatic changes. The new classroom building addition includes two science labs, two art labs complete with roll-up doors, and a black box theater. The learning spaces were constructed to include flexible wall systems in support of collaboration between classes, and the existing library became a media and technology center.